Giles D. Stevens
TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, GILES WAS A YOUNG British ex-pat in Hong Kong, the financial capital of the Asia Pacific. From a natural point of view, the future looked bright.

However, within a year, he would find himself on the remote islands of the Philippines holding evangelist rallies with the help of a string of light bulbs and a basic sound system.

He had left England, as an Oxford graduate, to pursue a career in finance. Now he wanted to try and win as many souls as possible. Why the extraordinary change? His decision certainly shocked others, including his bosses and family. But for him, it was the obvious thing to do.

Three years earlier he had heard the Gospel whilst on a trip to Australia and had an encounter with the presence of the Holy Spirit at midnight on a beach in Melbourne. He says: "The lights came on! Eternal life was within my grasp. God existed. Jesus had made grace available to all. He was indeed the true way to life!"

The first time he spoke to a group of friends about the Lord the same heavenly presence came into the room and he realised that there seemed to be a stamp of divine approval on what he was doing.

Now, back in Asia, he was invited to speak at an event in a poor Filipino village. He got up on the back of an old truck and told the locals about the Lord. That same glorious presence seemed to light up the place. He was both shocked and delighted as, with both tears and smiles, the whole crowd was saved.

"Heading back to my office in Manila, I realised that God has called me to invest my life in His business rather than continue with my own business," he says. Within a year he was holding these events, full-time, from island to island. Now 25 years later he's still doing the same.

What is The Great Mission?

To share the gospel of grace in 196 countries, in word and deed, by 2030, through a network of missionary evangelists.
Giles and his wife Silvia established TGM in 2017 in order to raise funds to return to Brazil as missionary evangelists. Between 2018-2020 they proclaimed the gospel to over 50,000 people in evangelistic events, equipped over 350,000 believers in conferences, and preached to thousands through online platforms and social networks.

In 2020, with a desire to expand their outreach work, they decided to train and invest into the lives of the next generation of evangelists and missionaries. These young people are replicating what they do in other nations in South America, Africa and Central Asia.

Grace Parties
Since 2018 we have held "Grace Parties" in cities across Brazil. Thousands have come to hear the good news of God's grace, and many have been healed. We follow the example of the first evangelist Philip in Acts Chapter 8 who went to Samaria to preach Christ. The scriptures say that "there was great joy in that city."

Normally the Grace Parties are held at the end of a campaign of house-to-house presentations of our material "7 GOOD THINGS that maybe you don't know". Those who are touched through these small group meetings then are invited to the big gatherings. In this way we ensure new people are always being reached.
Brazilian Evangelists
Our team of evangelists here in Brazil are using the pandemic and quarantines to minister in meaningful and creative ways. Having identified needy areas and families who lack food and necessities, we hold a Grace Festival to help out.

We give out food hampers and make a presentation of our "7 Good Things". In this was we are ministering to people spiritually and materially. Hundreds are coming to Christ in this manner.

And not only this, we are modelling and then multiplying this strategy to an increasing network of evangelists in each state of Brazil. What we do here, they are also now doing there.
International Evangelists
In January 2021 we started a network of international evangelists. We mentor this team to apply our TGM outreach strategies in their local areas.

Some of the operate in persecuted countries. In order to protect their identity, we have not written their details here. They take great risks to evangelise.

We are now operating in the following nations: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru, Colombia, Uganda, Zambia.

Our goal is to get the Gospel into 24 by the end of 2021 and 196 nations by 2030.
The Stevens - A Missionary Family
Giles says: "All of my family are involved in different aspects of the ministry. Silvia ministers weekly at Horses 4 Orphans and via her YouTube channel Silvia Silvie TV . Titus works as my administrator and trainee evangelist. Beyond schooling, Daniel is a technical assistant, and Pedro and Jemimah are actively involved in outreach cell groups in the community. The children take it in turns to travel with me on missions.

We also love to get in the wild whenever we can take a break. We have a passion for finding waterfalls hidden deep in the bush. When at home, we play garden cricket, and try to teach the Brazilians rugby instead of football!"

"To present the Gospel of Grace in 196 countries by 2030"

Ministry Support Timeline

Here are the dates and goals for us to raise the needed funds for 2022.
January, 2021
January, 2021
Secure support for 24 missionaries and 12 campaigns
April 1, 2021
April 1, 2021
Ambassador Presentations (Phase 1)
Online presentations, Giles & TGM directors
With the use of our Ministry Summary and Powerpoint presentation, our goal is to connect generous donors with fruitful missions and missionaries.
July 15, 2021
July 15, 2021
63% Support raised
General Update
53% of our monthly budget for 2021 has been raised.

Aug 1, 2021
Aug 1, 2021
Ambassador Presentations (Phase 2)
Presentations, Giles & TGM directors
With the use of our Ministry Summary and Powerpoint presentation, our goal is to connect generous donors with fruitful missions and missionaries.
Dec 30, 2021
Dec 30, 2021
Goal to be Fully Funded by this date
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