Don't put God in a box!

In a recent post on social media I spoke about how you cannot put God in a box. There are many sick people around and now it is prohibited in a general sense for us to lay hands on the sick that they might be healed. So what are we to do? I learned through the healing ministry of Smith Wigglesworth that you do not necessarily need to lay hands on the sick to see them healed. (See the post below).
  • Jesus healed the centurion's servant by speaking a word.
  • The man with the withered hand was healed ashe extended it in faith.
  • Naaman the Syrian was healed as he dipped seven times;in the river.
In response a brother wrote back and testified of what happened in on of our meetings that shows this in action. He wrote:

"Pastor, we ourselves were in your service when we witnessed a wheelchair user getting up after more than 3 years without walking. We saw that when your eyes locked on to his eyes that suddenly he had faith and at your command he got up. Just the meeting of the eyes between you and him liberated faith and immediately at your command he got up. Never before had we seen something like that and we will never forget that glorious manifestation of the Holy Spirit.”


You can't put God in a box!