The Beloved Heart

Recently I have been involved in a revolutionary project run by The Vine Church Children's ministry. Pr Marcia Silva and her team have a worldwide ministry and have been implementing this evangelistic tool. 

"The Beloved Heart"

This project has been used around the globe and has reached hundreds of thousands of children with the power of the gospel in a simple and powerful way they can understand.
What started out as a short story teaching kids about the redemption plan, has now grown into a full animated film!

My family and I were asked to record the english voices. I had the pleasure of playing God the "Creator", while the rest of my family also recorded various characters in the story.
This little heart represents man living abundantly in the garden of Eden, his choice to fall into sin, and his marvellous redemption.

Children from all nations have been impacted by this story. Many have given their hearts to Jesus, while others have used the story to witness to other children. Truly fulfilling the vision that every believer is a minister no matter the age.

You can watch this film for free on YouTube by searching for "The Beloved Heart Movie". 
You and your family can be greatly blessed, like my family has been, through this special project.