Resolutions or Petitions

Resolutions or petitions?

Statistics show that resolutions don’t work! (Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But I do have good news of something that does work.)

The beginning of January is the time when gyms, self-help programs, foreign language and musical instrument courses, receive most of their business. Many businesses charge 6 months up front because they know that, if not, their clients would quit their subs after a month.

The reason for this is because resolutions are works of the flesh! It’s all about self-effort and self-determination. “I’m going to do this! I’m going to do that!”

When there is a lot of “I” or “me” in your conversion, you can know that the ego is at work. For your sake, God will not help you in such endeavours, for the ego is the root reason why people destroy their relationships and their futures.

Don’t make resolutions, make petitions ... that’s the Bible way! Those who ask God’s help are humble. They know they can’t make it alone.

Jesus said: Ask and you will receive. (John 16:24)

God wants to give you your best year yet! The Lord desires to fulfil the desires of your heart!

By simply presenting your petitions to God, heaven’s help becomes available.

In any case, there are many things that we can’t resolve on our own. Maybe you are single and want to marry? Maybe you are stuck in a low-salary job and want to progress?

So here a solution for you, before you beat yourself up for not fulfilling your resolutions, present your requests to God each day instead. You’ll be delighted to discover that there is effective power in the prayer of faith, (but not in resolutions).