My call to the ministry

A strange presence came over me

Twenty-five years ago, I was working as a young British expat in Hong Kong, the financial capital of the Asia Pacific. I had got a top position with the oldest company on the island that had over 100,000 employees. From a natural point of view my future looked bright.

However, within a year, I would find myself on remote islands of the Philippines holding evangelist rallies with the help of a string of light bulbs and a basic sound system.

I had left England some years before, as an Oxford graduate, to pursue a career in finance. Now I had completely difference pursuits.I wanted to try and win as many souls as possible.

Why the extraordinary change?

It certainly shocked others, including my bosses and my family. But for me it was a natural, if not rapid, progression.

Three years earlier I had heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ whilst on a trip to Melbourne, Australia, and had a heart-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit at midnight on a beach in Melbourne.

Shortly afterwards I was baptised in water and then in the fire of the Spirit within the space of two days.

The first time I spoke to a group of friends about the Lord such a strange and wonderful presence came into the room that I realised that there seemed to be a stamp of divine approval on what I was doing. 

Now, back in Asia, I was invited to speak at an event in a poor Filipino village. I got up on the back of an old truck, stood in between the speakers and under the lights, and told the local folk about how I had been saved.That same glorious presence seemed to light up the place and warm all our hearts, despite the rough and rustic surroundings.When I gave an appeal for others to accept Christ, the whole crowd responded. I was both shocked and delighted watching as with both tears and smiles precious souls were saved that night.

Heading back to my office in downtown Manila the following Monday I realised that God has not called me to give my life His business rather than for my business. 

Within a year I was holding these events, full-time, from island to island.Now 25 years later I still doing the same. As a friend of mine, I want to thank you for being part of my life and an encouragement to me. The fact that you are reading this and have an interest to see this ministry succeed, is a huge booster for me.