Losing to win

LOSING TO WIN - a divine paradox

This is a challenge for me to express in a paragraph or two - see if you can get what I am saying? 

We, believers, believe in Biblical prophecy - that in the end times an anti-JC system will come that dominates the world in as a totalitarian dictatorship that demands worship to its leader the Beast. Yes?

We believers also believe that we are to be salt and light and that through the influence of the church our societies would be peaceful, prosperous and free.

Do you see that at some stage the former thing must trump the latter thing?

In other words, depending upon the timing, we are fighting a losing battle to stop the demonic system from coming into being.

BUT fight (spiritually-speaking) we must! Firstly because that is what we are made of - to be salt and light, resisters of evil, and champions of liberty and life.

Secondly because we the more we fight the more we prolong the period before total take-over by the One-World Government with its hellish agenda. This is vital as it gives more time and opportunity for people to be saved.

However, let us not be biblically naive: we will lose this fight! The antichrist kingdom will come!

But just as Jesus “lost” on Friday night, He was to come again and “win” on Sunday morning. As other preachers have said: “We might lose a battle, but we shall win the war!”

So now we are into the realm of divine providence. There are times in which certain people are raised up for evil - Pharaoh, Judas, etc, - so that the glory of God might be revealed.

In these times we must remember the Lord’s words to Pilot: “You could have no power at all against Me unless it had been given you from above” and “my kingdom is not of this world.”

When you see it from this point of view you rest in the realisation that we, the church, are in a win-win situation. Whether or not our prayers for a good and godly society prevail at present, they will prevail in due season.

I believe the signs show that more troublesome times are to come - but we don’t need to stress or hang our heads and play a melancholic song on our harps!!

To the contrary, great things are in store, so keep shining we will! But whatever the future holds, Christ, our champion, has guaranteed deliverance in the present and His Kingdom to come in the future.